Discover sustainable packaging solutions at Eco Pack. Our premium-quality egg and fruit trays are crafted from recycled materials, providing reliable and eco-friendly packaging options. Designed for egg farmers and fresh produce growers, our trays offer sturdy protection and ensure the preservation of your products.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, our packaging solutions play a vital role in reducing waste and promoting greener practices. From farm to table, choose Eco Pack for packaging that aligns with your environmental values.
Join us in creating a greener future, one tray at a time.

Experience our molded pulp fruit trays, thoughtfully designed to ensure efficient and secure transportation of fresh produce. With premier protection throughout the entire supply chain, these trays guarantee your fruits arrive in perfect condition.

Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

Eco Pack offers a diverse selection of eco-friendly products, including our premium egg trays, specially designed to safeguard your precious cargo with a unique water-repellent character. Our molded pulp egg trays are available in three convenient sizes, catering to different needs:

  1. 15.5 lbs Egg Tray

  2. 17 lbs Egg Tra:

  3. 20 lbs Egg Tray


Morner specializes in stairwell solutions in both industrial and residential spaces. Together with Presson, they create bespoke stairs for both outdoors and inside our properties.

Being and environmentally-conscious business, all Morner stairs are made from high-quality recycled materials where possible, doing their part in lowering the CO2 emissions of all Presson residences.